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New video of killer’s violent crime spree released at woman’s sentencing

DENVER — New video and pictures of the violent crime spree Evan Ebel went on almost a year ago were released Monday as Stevie Vigil, the woman who provided a gun to the murderer , was sentenced to 27 months in prison Monday.

The sentence came down shortly after a Texas sheriff’s deputy, who nearly died after Ebel shot him, said that he considers Vigil a full partner in Ebel’s killing of Colorado Department of Corrections director Tom Clements and Commerce City father Nathan Leon.

1 killed in multi-car crash at I-25, Logan Street

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  • Multiple ambulances responded to a multi-car crash on I-25 and Logan Street Saturday March 1, 2014.

  • Multiple cars were involved in an accident on I-25 that killed one on March 1, 2014. (Photo: Kayla Nikole/@KayKayNikol)

Women more likely to develop sleeping pill addiction

DENVER — The popular sleeping pill Ambien is being linked to a trial involving a member of the famous Kennedy family.

Kerry Kennedy is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and ex-wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo.  She is accused of driving while intoxicated.

Police say Kennedy hit a tractor trailer then ran off the road, driving on a bare rim at one point.

Police found Kennedy slumped over the wheel passed out.  She later failed three sobriety tests.

Kennedy says she mixed up her medications and accidentally took Ambien that morning. Blood tests confirm the drug was in her system, police said.

It’s important to note that millions of people take Ambien without any problems whatsoever.  Still, some report that the sleeping pill can have bizarre side effects.

Medical experts also say women can be more susceptible to becoming dependent on sleeping pills in general.

Purse thieves target women at gas stations, grocery stores

DENVER — Thieves are staking out gas stations and grocery stores looking for purses to steal across the Denver metro area.

A Highlands Ranch mother of two told FOX31 Denver it happened to her.

“I turned my back, gassed up my car, turned back around and my purse was gone,” said Alissa Fletcher.  “It was like a blink of an eye it was so fast.”

Video obtained by FOX31 Denver Investigates shows a black jeep pulling into a Greenwood Village gas station. Police believe the driver of that SUV stole Fletcher’s purse.

He was never caught, but there are plenty more thieves doing the same thing.

“I didn’t think something like this could happen to me,” Fletcher said.

But FOX31 Denver located case after case with each video showing the same type of crime. We discovered dozens of similar cases at gas stations and grocery stores in Denver, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Wheat Ridge and Boulder.

Website claims to cut your cell phone bill and save you money

DENVER — If the sticker shock of your monthly cell phone bill has you scratching your head, there may be some help out there.  Talk, text and data can quickly add up.  Tina and Craig Garcynzski in Aurora know that all too well but for the most part they think they’re getting the best deal possible.

“Sounds like it doesn’t it?  But it doesn’t look like a good deal when i see the number on the paper” said Tina as she looked over her bill.

We had the Garczynski family setup their account on a website, ReviewMyBill.com.  The owner of the site claims he can find ways to trim that bill for more than 90% of customers.

“What we do in a nutshell is show businesses and people what they’re currently overspending on their cell phone service.” explained the owner of that site, Nick Lindwedel, via a remote interview from St. Louis.

Lawmakers debating vaccination exemption